These are the levers studied by the Board of FC Barcelona

Activating CVC, Goldamn Sachs, Barça Studios, and/or BLM will give the club and the sports project economic viability

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In La Jonquera, in the Gran Jonquera Outlet & Shopping mall, owned by Antonio Escudero, vice president of the social area, the Barça board of directors has met to study the economic levers that can make the club viable and, therefore, the project sports. Time is short, and solutions must be sought before June 8 to activate an assembly of compromisers before the end of the financial year. These are the levers they are studying. Most likely, it’s just one, although it could be two. The economic situation must be corrected as soon as possible.

CVC Capital Partners

The first lever is CVC Capital Partners. It is the one that would be most advanced and almost closed due to negotiations that have taken many months. It would mean an immediate income of 270 million euros for Barça, although the club could only use 15% (40 million) to lighten the salary limit imposed by LaLiga. The problem is that it requires a fidelity of 50 years.

Goldman Sachs

The financier will pay for the works to build the Espai Barça through a line of credit of up to 1,500 million euros. Would give a first hit payment of 900 million in exchange for 30% of the audiovisual rights. Along with CVC, that the club enters from the League rights, we would be talking about another 17 million euros. More than 100 million annually would be directed to pay this mortgage.

Barca Studios

The third lever is Barça Studios, the company created by FC Barcelona and dedicated to the audiovisual sector. The club wanted to get 350 or 400 million euros, although it could be less. The investing partner would acquire 49% of the company and share the operating profits with the club.

Barça Licensing & Merchandising

BLM (Barça Licensing & Merchandising) is a company created at the time (2018) by the club’s board of directors. The objective is to exploit the commercial business, the merchandising of t-shirts and products, and the so-called retail. The club negotiates with the companies Investindustrial and Fanatics. Between 200 and 400 million.

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