Ilkay Gundogan has a clear path to join Barcelona without any obstacles

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Barcelona is reportedly interested in Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, and recent developments suggest that the path is now clear for the Catalan club to make a move for him.

Gundogan, 30, is a talented and versatile midfielder who has been a key player for Manchester City in recent seasons, helping them win multiple titles. However, his contract with the English club is set to expire in 2023, and so far he has not agreed on a new deal.

According to reports, Manchester City had offered Gundogan a new contract but the negotiations stalled, and now the club is said to have moved on to other targets. This means that there is now a free path for Barcelona to make a move for the German international.

Barcelona’s interest in Gundogan reportedly stems from their need for a midfielder who can play in a variety of positions, and who has experience at the highest level. The Catalan club has been linked with several other midfielders, but Gundogan is said to be their top target.

It remains to be seen if Barcelona will make an official move for Gundogan, but if they do, they will likely face stiff competition from other top European clubs. However, the fact that Manchester City is reportedly no longer pursuing a new contract for Gundogan could give Barcelona an advantage in any potential negotiations.

Overall, Gundogan would be a valuable addition to any team, with his ability to score goals, create chances, and control the midfield. And if he does end up joining Barcelona, he could help the club improve their chances of winning silverware in the coming seasons.

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